Vertical Farming Envisages Profitable and Proper Agriculture Business

Vertical Farming Envisages Profitable and Proper Agriculture Business

A silent revolution is underway in the agriculture industry that’s currently going to be evident in the days to come. With the global population is set to reach near 10 billion mark by 2050 the food production must increase by 70 percent estimates the United Nations.

However is a global appeal seeking restrictions on the forests. There comes the requirement of technological innovation from the farming procedures. And the notion of farming is one of them.

It is in the accordance with the principles of sustainable development which beseeches judicious utilization of environmental resources.

Vertically farming is a practice of growing crops in vertical stacked layers in controlled-environment. It doesn’t just reduce the requirement of water but also increases yield and capacity to cultivate a variety of crops.

The concept of vertical farming eases cultivation of plants even those which are not suitable to the regional conditions. It means potatoes near Chennai or tomatoes near Delhi.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) the vertical farming system absorbs 75 percent less raw material than traditional farming and only 60 watt of power daily to grow 150 kg of vegetables in a month.

To obtain this amount only 6 space is needed by vertical farming while farming requires at least 72 area. In addition, the requirement of water could be to produce 1 kg of vegetables because of recycling as opposed to 300-400 L under normal farming.

More importantly the vertical farming ecosystem holds a key to the significant problem of weather-related crop losses.

Effects of climate change such as floods in the country and erratic rain events prolonged droughts are currently causing farmers to incur heavy losses. There have been many instances when crops were destroyed due to the unseasonal rains.

Plants can be grown indoors with or without dirt under vertical farming which assures the protections from unruly winds incessant rains dry climate.The key environmental components such as light temperature humidity and micro-nutrients are controlled to optimize plant growth.

Farming could be carried out in the areas with scarcity of water as well as in urban areas as it can be set up in small plots. There are some gardening methods that are different. The dominant is hydroponics in which the roots are submerged in water.

Another method is Aeroponics. It has potential to reform the farming practices in the drylands and drought-prone regions as plants have been grown with very little water and no dirt in mist environment.

Some research say plants developed with the Aeroponics method uptake nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It translates into greater yield and more healthy plants. Farming eases more crop cycles compared to that through ways.

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Operation Twist-III: RBI buys and sells bonds worth 10k crore each

Operation Twist-III: RBI buys and sells bonds worth 10k crore each

Mumbai: At the next particular open market operation in as many weeks, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday bought $10,000 crore of three long-term securities while promoting a same amount of three short-term trades.

Although the RBI offered to sell four securities in the auction, it accepted bids . In the present OMO purchase auction, the RBI offered to buy three securities including 10-year benchmark government bond, as against only one bond from the previous two auctions.

It obtained bids worth $ but choose to take only $10,000 crore of bids.

It got 198 bids for 7.32 per cent-2024 but accepted 12 bids and for 7.27 per cent-2026 bonds the RBI received 163 bids and accepted only two bids.

The RBI received 224 bids for 6.45 per cent-2029 safety but approved only 22 bids. It offered to sell four government securities-6.65 per cent- 2020; 7.80 per cent-2020; 8.27 per cent-2020 and 8.12 per cent-2020 through OMO sale. The RBI from the past two OMO sale auctions offered these securities. It received $47,540 crore of bids but approved to sell crore of bids.

In terms of number of bids, the central bank received 26 bids for 6.65 per cent-2020; 40 for 7.80 per cent-2020 and 35 for 8.27 each cent-2020 but approved 7, 3 and 4 bids, respectively.

For 8.12 per cent-2020 bond, it obtained 41 bids but didn’t accept any of them. In the two similar auctions, the RBI had purchased crore and sold $15,326 crore of bonds. These special OMO auctions are similar to the US Federal Reserves’ Operation Twist aimed at faster transmission of policy rates, an analyst said.

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Mathematical framework on molecular interactions

Mathematical framework on molecular interactions

A new mathematical framework on molecular interactions will make it easier and more efficient for scientists to create new medications and other therapies for diseases such as cancer, HIV and autoimmune diseases, say reseachers.

The mathematical framework simulates the impacts of the key parameters that control interactions between molecules that have multiple binding sites, as is true for many medicines, the researchers said in a study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

The researchers have planned to use this model to develop an online app which researchers can use to accelerate the development of new therapies for diseases.

“The significant advance with this study is that usually researchers use a trial-and-error experimental method in the laboratory for studying these kinds of molecular interactions, but here we developed a mathematical model where we know the parameters so we can make precise predictions using a computer,” said Indian-origin researcher and study senior author Casim Sarkar from University of Minnesota in the US.

Casim Sarkar”This computational model will make research much more efficient and could accelerate the production of new treatments for many kinds of diseases.” For those findings, the research team studied three main parameters of molecular interactions–binding power of each site, rigidity of the linkages between the sites, and the size of the linkage arrays.

They looked at these three parameters could be’dialled up’ or’dialled down’ to control how molecule chains with three or two binding sites interact with one another.

Their model predictions were then confirmed by the team .

Study lead author Wesley Errington”At a basic level, many ailments can be traced to a molecule not binding properly,”
“By understanding how we could manipulate these’dials’ that control molecular behavior, we’ve developed a new programming language which may be used to predict how molecules will bind,” Errington added.

The requirement for a mathematical framework to decipher this programming language is emphasized by the researchers’ finding that, even when the interacting receptor chains have only three binding sites each, there are a total of 78 unique binding configurations, most of which can’t be experimentally observed.

By dialling the parameters in this mathematical model, researchers can understand how these binding configurations are changed, and tune them for a broad range of medical and biological applications.

“We think we’ve hit on principles which are fundamental to all molecules, like proteins, DNA, and medications, and can be scaled up for more complex interactions,” said Errington.

“It’s really a molecular signature that we can use to research and to engineer molecular systems. The sky is the limit with this strategy,” Errington added.

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Apple Sues Security Vendor For Alleged Copyright Violations

Apple Sues Security Vendor For Alleged Copyright Violations

San Francisco: Taking its legal struggle with iOS virtualisation seller Corellium to a new level, Apple is suing the firm for allegedly trafficking under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in the US.

The new lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida comes after the iPhone maker initially sued Corellium for copyright infringement in August, alleging that the company’s virtualisation of iOS was violating Apple’s ownership of this code, The Verge reported Friday.

Expanding the case, Apple’s revised complaint alleges that”Corellium’s company relies entirely on commercialising the illegal replication of their copyrighted operating system and applications that run on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices”.

“Corellium simply copies everything: the code, the graphic user interface, the icons – it all, in exacting detail.providing its users with the tools to do the same,” it added.

According to the complaint by Apple, the merchandise Corellium offers is a”virtual” version of Apple mobile hardware products, available to anyone with a web browser.

“Especially, Corellium serves up what it touts as a great digital facsimile of a broad range of Apple’s market-leading apparatus frees with fastidious attention to detail not just the way the operating system and software appear visually to bona fide purchasers, but also the underlying computer code.”

In a statement following the filing, Corellium said it is”deeply disappointed by Apple’s persistent demonisation of jailbreaking.”

Jailbreaking an iPhone lets people customise their iOS devices and run apps that are unsupported.

“Apple is using this case as a trial balloon at a new angle to crack down on jailbreaking,” said Corellium CEO Amanda Gorton.

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